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Oliver Heath: The shower head not only performs well with a good even spray pattern but also looks great – I love the purity and simplicity of the design. It's that blend of practicality and stylish design that makes a winning sustainable product for me. I'm sure my guests at the eco open house event will be impressed too.
Mark Brady, Hemel Hempstead: Thanks for excellent customer service…I will be buying more. Thankyou.
Justin Harper, Daily Mail: Definitely one of the simplest ways to make financial savings in the homes without having to make too many changes to your routine.
Mr Clowe, Stockport: Great product. I will be suggesting it to all my friends.
Andrew Wilkinson, London: It is rare these days to experience such a high level of customer attention with such a genuine interest in helping.
Nicolas Spencer, Financial Times: I'm always seeking out new ways to be eco-friendly and have fallen in love with the Ecocamel. It ticks all the right boxes for the eco-conscious homemaker.
Conservation News: How To Save Water: Many people, whether environmentally concerned or economically concerned, may ask themselves this question, 'how do I save water'? There are the obvious methods such as, stop washing, stop doing the laundry, stop cleaning the dishes, stop watering the garden, drink alcohol instead; techniques many of us adhere to during our student years. However, recent studies have proven that it is possible to
How Can I Increase Water Pressure in the: Help, my water pressure is low and is spoiling my daily shower! What are the causes of low water pressure and why does it impact on the flow of water to the shower? The answer in many cases is gravity. When water is stored in the loft it is from here that water pressure is enabled to all the taps in the property and if someone else turns on a tap while you are in the shower, you know what it's l
Low Flow Shower Heads: You will have come across the view that a shower is a more water efficient way to wash than taking a bath... but that's not always true in real world scenarios. While a speedy shower is more often than not more water efficient than a bath, a number of high-volume showers will use more in five minutes than it does to run a bath. Aside from how long you spend in the shower, the volume of water you