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Orbit SoftWater
Orbit SoftWater Orbit SoftWater

Orbit SoftWater

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Experience the world's 1st soft water shower head!

Containing the NEW innovative integrated SoftWater technology

The perfect shower head to combat the following problems:
  • dry or itchy skin after showering
  • trouble getting a good lather
  • hair dry or frizzy despite conditioner use
  • scaly film on showerscreens and tiles
  • scale problems on your showerhead
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Normal Hard Water Feed

  • Hard water contains high amounts of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium.
  • Our Treatment increases the solubility of hard water leading to better lathering with soaps and improved cleaning abilities. It also alters the crystal structure of calcium carbonate preventing it from depositing as hard scale.

With Built-in SoftWater Technology

  • A unique combination of metals causes an electro-chemical catalytic reaction neutralising the ability for calcium to form as limescale
  • Unique alloy shape increases velocity of water and turbulence prevents minerals from building up.
  • Hardness minerals are taken out of solution increasing the solubility of water resulting in a better showering experience for skin and hair.
  • Hardness minerals take the form of an insoluble crystal which will get washed down the drain.

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